Many of our clients are traveling to Las Vegas for the first time.  If this is the case for you, Congratulations and we hope you are going to love your time here!  However, traveling can be frustrating when you don’t know your way around so here are a few helpful suggestions and vendors we recommend.


  • What should I wear?:  We generally suggest to our clients to wear whatever fits their style and personality! However, its also nice to fit into your surroundings so avoid clothes that are too busy and distract attention away from the subject.  Also, bring good shoes!!!  There is much more walking and standing than you think and the new high heels that you have not broken in yet are not a good idea! Shoes in a wedding dress are often not seen anyway, so don’ ruin your trip with blisters!
  • Do I Bring anything?  In high heat, it is also very helpful to bring a water, small mist fan and/or an umbrella. These help with heat/shade and also look colorful and cute. If you’re worried about being cold on your photo shoot, don’t! That rarely happens here, but you can always bring a hand warmer to keep your hands and face ready for pictures.
  • What do we do? We have never done this before  You don’t need to worry about either of those!  We are used to getting the hard nuts to crack and it makes it all more fun!  Don’t worry about us, the other people around you or even your spouse.  Just enjoy yourself, be yourself, have fun and pretend we are not there! We will do the rest!!
  • Can we use you after our chapel wedding? Yes!  After the wedding is fine and we can go anywhere you choose.  However we are usually not allowed in for the actual ceremony. The chapel usually has their own photographers that come as part of the package you purchased.  These packages generally include 10-30 prints and although they usually shoot around 100-200 images, these are not included. If you would like to access all of the images that the chapel takes and their digital copyright, you will have to pay an additional cost (usually $500-800).
  • Can you come in the limo for us for a strip tour?  Yes, if your party is larger than 6, we would suggest a limo or a party bus to transport for a photo Vegas tour.  If its just the two of you and one or two more, we can transport to the locations of your choice and drop you off at your hotel.  The amount of locations and pictures is about the same either way, the only factor difference would be the extra transportation cost.
  • How do I choose to get married at a casino, a  chapel or with an officiant?  The Casino’s  packages are the most expensive way to get marred in Vegas, but they are generally beautiful, easy to plan and elegant.  Be sure to read their rules carefully though, as they do have a lot.  The next least expensive option is a chapel. These are usually fun (such as Elvis), simple, easy and less expensive than the casinos, but also have some regulations. Check with your specific chapel for details. Most of them also offer a limo ride at the end. Along this same price range would be gold clubs or receptions centers around Vegas, but most of these are not on the strip.  If you are not getting married in a chapel or would like to do your ceremony a little more affordably, we would suggest hiring and officiant. They usually range between $100-$200 and are much more affordable and private than a chapel.  They also can marry you anywhere you would like such as your in room suite, the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, the Bellagio Fountains, the Eiffel tower etc.  We have included a few of our favorites below and you can contact them directly to discuss options. The cheapest option of all is getting married at the courthouse ( ) their charge is $75.
  • What locations can you take us too?  Depending on your preferences, there are so many great places to take photos here.  Most of our clients who want the “Vegas” look like the Welcome to Las Vegas sign as well as the Bellagio fountains (which go off every 30 minutes after 3pm), Paris’s Eiffel tower or the Venetian.  The Mirage also has beautiful waterfalls that turn into a volcano every night at 8 and 9pm.  For an outdoor or desert look, we would suggest Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire or Springs Preserve.  If your looking for the old Las Vegas feel, downtown Las Vegas is more classic and true to the Vegas from the 1960’s.  It also is the home of the Mob Museum, Container Park and the Arts District, which is great if you like an artsy or graffiti look to your images. The Neon Museum is also very artistic and popular, but does have a charge and you need to book with them separately.  They do tend to be fairly booked out so book with them soon if thats an interest.

Recommended Vendors

— Officiants —

  1.  Pam Fullerton: / [email protected]  /  702-721-vows / By Tip Only
  2. Bonnie Sanchez:  /  [email protected]  /  702-328-3329 / Starting $100
  3. Michael Mills:  /  [email protected]  /  Starting $250


  1.  Graceland Chapel: Prices starting at $200. Graceland offers the Elvis wedding packages. It is cute, fun and favored by many of my clients. They allow additiaonl photography outside their grounds.
  2. Little White Chapel:  Starting at $75.  Little white also offers Elvis as well as a drive through pink Cadillac wedding as well as a traditional one.  They allow additional photography outside their grounds.
  3. Viva Las Vegas: Starting at about $300.  Viva offers Elvis weddings, themed weddings and traditional weddings.  They allow additional photography outside on their grounds and also sitting in a chapel pew.  We can take photos from the pew, but not stand during the ceremony.
  4. Sunset Gardens: Starting at $400.  Sunset is more pricey, but it is very close to the strip, it is a full service wedding and reception venue with gardens, indoor and outdoor settings and it allows outside photographers full access.
  5. The Grove:  /  Starting at $600. The Grove is just like Sunset, but a little more pricey and about 15-20 minutes from the strip.  It also allows outside photographers full access.


  1.  Bridal Express: /  702-321-2526 / Starting at $200
  2. Gouzane:  702-321-2526  /  Starting at $200

Limousine / Party Bus’s

  1.  Earth Buses:  702-980-9606  / Miles Bunch
  2. Presidential Limo:  702-731-5577 / Carey Hightower

These vendors have worked with CanyonRidge in the past and been fun, friendly and reasonable.  If you have any questions or need further information do not hesitate to call or email and we will do the best we can to help with any other part of your time here in Las Vegas.  [email protected]