All prices include a *guarantee of at least 75 images per hour, individually edited images, copyright release, sharable download link for family and friends  and special enhancements.


Our pricing is simple, but is based on a case by case basis and therefore is custom quoted.

For a basic idea of what your quote will look like, our pricing is about $250-$350 per hour for shoots less than three hours and about $150-$250 per hour for longer events.

The factors that determine our price depend on the date and time, the location and the availability for the month. We charge less for events that are planned in conjunction with other events, at one of our preferred vendor locations, near our studio or during a weekday. We charge more for holidays, late night hours and locations further than the Las Vegas Strip.   We are very open and clear about our pricing and more than willing to provide discounts, adjustments to help fit your budget and try and meet every need – including pro bono work, so please, don’t hesitate to ask!



If you have already contacted our office and booked your session with us, THANK YOU!  Please use the link below to finalize and secure your booking with PayPal.

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*The 75 image count/editing per hour guarantee is up to 400 images except for trade shows and otherwise agreed upon with photographer.  Photographer is not responsible for circumstances outside their control that might effect image count including, but not limited to, traffic and weather. **Copyright is for client personal use only and is shared with photographer.  CanyonRidge Inc still owns the rights to use images for advertising purposes.